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He has to draw either three or four cards in separate draws.Let me explain: The first card drawn determines his position:2 – 8: Over the knee on a dining room chair, 9 – Ace: Bent over the back of a chair – we use an overstuffed arm chair.She was not allowed to study any trivial topic she wanted, sleep with any man who caught her fancy, or uproot herself and travel the world because she wanted to “find herself.” You can see this level of control today in many Muslim countries, where expectations are placed on women from a young age to submit to men, reproduce (if biologically able), follow God’s word, and serve the good of society by employing her feminine nature instead of competing directly against men on the labor market due to penis envy or feelings of personal inferiority.The reason that women had their behavior limited was for the simple reason that they are significantly less rational than men, in a way that impaired their ability to make good decisions concerning the future.You're supposed to just be laid-back, not possessive, not texting too much or too quickly.

Drawing cards determines how and with what he will be spanked together with the number of strokes.

Systems must now be put in place where a woman’s behavior is monitored and her decisions subject to approval of a male relative or guardian who understands what’s in her best interests better than she does herself.

Women have had personal freedoms for less than a century.

For the bulk of human history, their behavior was significantly controlled or subject to approval through mechanisms of tribe, family, church, law, or stiff cultural precepts.

It was correctly assumed that a woman was unable to make moral, ethical, and wise decisions concerning her life and those around her.

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